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Manicure And Pedicure, Shellac in Austin

Lanna's Reviews:

I went to go get a mani/pedi today and I absolutely loved it. I felt very comfortable and my hands and feet have never looked better! Lanna is very nice and is good at what she does. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a more comfortable atmosphere and get pretty hands and toes got my calluses removed without being worried about infection. I will definitely be returning. Gia G., Austin, TX

I've had my nails done by Lanna numerous times over the past 15 years. She does an amazing job and she's very personable. If you want the full on pampering, go see Lanna! Danyale B., Austin, TX

The best pedi I've ever had. I have finally found a person who knows how to care of nails very well. After a bad experience with an ingrown toenail, I searched for a long time to find a professional I could trust. Lanna is definitely the best!! I won't be going anywhere else again. Ava N., Austin, TX

I have been following Lanna for years for my mani & pedi's. The shellac manicure keeps my nails in great condition and she is the only one that shapes my nails perfect. Her new location is very relaxing and I leave feeling pampered. I come in every 2 weeks for my standing appointment for shellac manicure and every 4 weeks for my pedicure. 
I have a great experience with Lanna. Thank you so much for my beautiful nails! Allison A., Austin, TX

Had been going to Lanna at another salon for about a year for pedicures. She did this thing with a fiberglass patch to protect a nail that split in the middle. So, when I called to schedule an appointment and found she was no longer there, I was so very sad. But hallelujah, I found her at Olga's spa! Olga's has been there for years but is now under new ownership. Very clean, tastefully decorated nail and facial spa and Lanna is great. I actually did a mani and pedi. Got the new shellac on my nails. It's great cause it's completely dry immediately.  I'm so glad I found her again and feel sure she'll be there a long time. Wendy G., Travis, TX

Lanna's Nails is fabulous! She is great! She made my family and I feel at home in her home! Her work is fabulous! She made my Mom's nails fantastic and my toes beautiful! I highly recommend her to anyone! She made my day! : ) Thank you Lanna's Nails! 
Patty : ) Patty C., Austin, TX

Lanna does careful detailed work and gives a perfect shellac manicure, regular manicure, &/or pedicure. She also does lovely pampering facials & she's a delight to spend time with. Annie B., Austin, TX

I went to Lanna's Nails after moving to Austin five months ago. Lanna is very efficient and provides excellent service. Her room is always clean and she does the Shellac manicures by the book. For a manicure that lasts and always looks fresh Lanna's Nails is the best in Austin. Vanessa B., Austin, TX

I had a great experience at Lanna's Nails.  Lanna is awesome and my Shellac manicure and my pedicure look amazing.  I will be a loyal customer for sure.  Her business is located in Beyond Beauty Day Spa which is super cute.  I would highly recommend trying out Lanna's Nails for all of your mani & pedi needs.
Thanks Lanna! Casey S., Austin, TX

My Shellac nails are great and Lanna is awesome!!!
I have been going to Lanna for a few months now. I really appreciate her attention to detail and I always leave satisfied. Her Shellacs always look perfect and last like they are supposed to. I went to the CND site and looked up Shellac application and I can tell you she does it by the book. My previous experience with Shellac at other salons was not so good-mostly they didn't last but I don't worry about that with Lanna. Lanna's pedicures are wonderful too. My feet and toes always look great and my toe polish lasts a long time. Lanna's business is in Beyond Beauty Day Spa. She has a private room and it is clean and comfortable.  The Spa is really cute and the other ladies that work there are very nice and friendly. The owner, Amy, is very nice and always says hello. They really seem to care for the client here. The Spa is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. Overall I would say the entire experience with getting my nails done with Lanna is second to none. I enjoy our conversations (I am an old South Austinite as well) and love the attention my nails get. I always leave feeling relaxed and energized. Kat Katrina D., Austin, TX

Lanna was amazing.  She was able to get me in the same day I called (other place didn't work out) and she did a wonderful job.  I love my nails and I will be going back to her from now on.  And Olga's Spa is such a clean and lovely place. I will definitely be checking out their other services. Amanda P., Austin, TX

Went to Lanna for the first time in May and have been back since.  Love the Shellac!  Great service! Pleasant person do deal with.  About to schedule my next appointment! Norma C., Austin, TX

I've been a client of Lanna's for 5 years in Austin. Lanna introduced me to a Shellac manicure and now my paper thin nails are beautiful and strong with just a "polish" and not the mess of acrylic or other messy nails.  They last for just over 2 weeks, with NO chipping!!  They are fabulous! Lanna does a wonderful pedicure and she has a great set up at Olga's Spa on Manchaca at S. Lamar.  Great location, relaxing and fun.  I highly recommend Lanna for a QUALITY mani and pedi in a lovely environment! Cindy Z., Austin, TX

Dear Lanna: Just a quick note to let you know the service you offer at your salon is wonderful. I love that you work to get me in as my schedule is never predictable, being on call the way I am. My nails are always looking great. I really love that I can wear color now that Shellac is a viable solution. Yours is the best nail salon in Austin!

Sincerely, Anna Maria E., Austin, TX